1.1 Order cancellation

All orders can be canceled until they are changed from Hold to be under processing and shipped. Once the order sent or  shipping process has started, it can no longer be canceled.

customer satisfaction is our priority. That’s why we proudly offer absolute satisfaction guarantees that ensure our customers will receive a purchased item on time and as described.

1.2     digital codes (CD keys, e-voucher, gift cards, prepaid cards..)


Please be aware that all of digital codes which cannot be returned or refunded once purchased and delivered. So please make sure to choose the right product, with the correct store country in the correct currency before purchasing it, as we cannot refund or exchange items sent to the customer. The reason for this is that we have no guarantee that the code, delivered immediately after purchase, is still unused. thanks for understanding!

However, we do offer a guarantee to redeem the digital codes we provide. In case the code which is sent doesn’t work, we will do our best to help you fix this problem. Customer service can be reached through Support Service page in our website.


1.3     physical goods (physical shipped Products)

If a damaged or incorrect product is reported, you must provide photographic evidence within 2 days of receiving the item. If the claim is approved, a refund will be issued.

If customer does not want the product he received. Gaminal will study the case and after approved,  customer must return the item at his expense to Shipted Country  and the item must be unused.



1.4 Refunds are not available under the following circumstances:

1.4.1 Your order did not arrive due to an incorrect address provided by the customer;

1.4.2 Your order did not arrive due to exceptional circumstances beyond our control (for example, it was delayed due to a natural disaster).

1.4.3 If the product packaging is damaged but the product itself is intact, you must file a claim with the shipping company directly.

1.4.4 Missing Order: If a package was delivered (based on tracking number update) but you claim that you did not receive the item, you must file a claim with the shipping company directly.

1.4.5 your orders will be considered received and in satisfactory condition if you do not report the problem within the time frame.

1.4.6 If you encounter any of the above scenarios, you should report Issuance within 5 days of receipt. Otherwise, you agree that the product will be deemed acceptable and satisfactory.


1.5 Refund Processes

Returns processing is an essential part of running a business. We are here to help! We’ve put together the following steps to make this process easier:

1.5.1 Contact our customer care team via email at [email protected] and include evidence if necessary.

1.5.2 After a refund, return or exchange request is approved, the item must be returned to our address.

1.5.3 You must return the product and provide a tracking number.

1.5.4 Once you provide the tracking number and we receive the returned item, a replacement item or refund minus the shipping cost will be shipped to the card.



2)       Orders Delivery

2.1     digital codes (CD keys, e-voucher, gift cards, prepaid cards..)

Once the customer makes the order and shows status processing after we confirmed the payment, it will be made available on their gaminal.com account and relevant email account within minutes up to 3 hours.

But it may be longer to protect against fraud we occasionally hold orders, As part of our standard security measures, orders are routinely selected for review to ensure the safety of our site. Your order will be checked by one of our agents and should be cleared within 12 hours.


2.2     physical goods Shipping time  (physical shipped Products )

We have our products suppliers in many countries, therefore, shipping time is different according to customer’s location (it will be explained in the shipping description related to the product). In general(apply to all physical goods), all orders require 1 – 3 business days processing time. The estimated delivery time is 6 – 22 business days. (Please refer to COVID-19 Delayed Shipping Notice). In very rare circumstances, it may be up to 35 Business Days, for reasons related to the destination country and customs (please refer to your country customs legislation).

Gaminal has no obligation for payment of any tax in conjunction with the shipping. Customer is required to pay any applicable sales tax related if restricted or prohibited by his country’s law.